Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reviving this blog

Last September, the guy launching wrote me to ask if there was a conflict between this blog and his website.

Because this blog had fizzled out in the preceding months, I told him there wasn't a conflict and I would likely change my blog name. In truth, I thought seriously about pulling the plug on this blog altogether.

After a day of work in the newsroom, I've found it difficult to take the time to write my selfish drivel about music, or the Packers, or movies or my life in general. But as the months have passed I've had a change of heart. Writing about that selfish drivel has always been somewhat important to me and there are at least four people who follow this blog (Sam, Landon, Ali, AC, hello to you), so I'm going to try to revive it.

Ali says it's important to keep writing for fun, something I once did on a daily basis. I'm a full-time husband and father, and sometimes investigative reporter. Writing for pure fun can seem frivolous. Plus I have started to use the iPad as my primary computer, and it is definitely not a writing friendly device.

Anyhow, with sincerest apologies to the second Nate in Nashville, I am going to try to get this thing humming again.