Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last night

So, one hazard of pregnancy is that it can lead to some sleepless nights. I'm told newborns bring the same hazard for parents. Perhaps, it's all practice to be able to gut out insomnia for when the baby comes and cries you awake every two hours.

Last night at around 3 a.m., we found ourselves awake and waiting for fetus to stop thrashing around so we could go back to sleep.

Even though I'm sure Ali would prefer being soundly asleep, I have come to really appreciate our time together during these sleepless nights. We spent our time awake bidding on random items on eBay -- Ali found a really cool dress/necklace combo, and I am trying to add Family Guy Volume Six to my collection. Fingers crossed.

We also read the Washington Post's award-winning story about parents whose children have died after being left inside a hot car. We listened to a new song from Sleigh Bells and talked a lot about our dog, Jackson, who had us worried after getting really sick earlier in the night.

It felt like an authentic new family moment.

Friday, June 4, 2010

To Savannah

We have marked our lives in dates to be remembered.
Atlanta in May, Chicago in July, Brooklyn in October.
Births, weddings, deaths. We commemorate them with anniversaries
That return each year, subtle and shushed, creeping up like a cat burglar.
June is for adventure, for the road that will open up in the early morning hours
That will take us away,
And add another number to an endless calendar.